As many of you know, I am the editor of the school yearbook. That alone has been quite an experience, and I will write about the process and upload some spreads once the book has been completed mid-March. The final section that I have to complete is what I am calling the “Magazine.” This section includes a lot of student writing and art. Technically, it is the Student Life section of the yearbook. Up until this point, I have been doing all of my image editing in GIMP, but it is not a well versed text program. A week or two ago in an act of desperation I dragged a large PDF file into GIMP and a wonderful PDF importing tool popped up. Today I discovered that Word comes with a PDF printing tool, so I no longer have to use the buggy PDF printer that I have installed. Word’s printer creates a PDF file exactly like the document, unlike the other printer, I can create PDF files in irregular document dimensions. This means that all advanced text editing can be done in Word, converted into a high resolution PDF, and imported into GIMP at 300dpi, saving hours of work. A discovery like this is a wonderful addition to a snow day!