Hey Abbey? How's it going? I'm good, thanks for asking.

Note: Most of you should ignore the title. To the individual it concerns, you should probably stop reading here. I can assure you that the following post isn’t that well written.

Because of the whole school thing I had to do, I haven’t been able to work on my game “Storm the Castle” for weeks. To finish up my freshman year I had to complete a robot that I was building for my ENGR 195H class. The robot in question was a factory robot. It had to maneuver around boxes in a factory environment, read the boxes, determine what to do with the box, and return home. The project required strong construction and programming for it to work correctly. Our robot worked better than most, but not as well as the team had hoped. Oh well, it’s done now. Other than that large robot, I had a pretty standard final schedule.

I am at a rather difficult part of the game development process. I have to decide how the tower placement system needs to work. For development purposes I currently have it where the user can draw to place the towers. I like the ease of that system, but if anyone is using a phone much smaller than mine it will get very difficult very quickly. With the whole drawing tower placement system, to upgrade a tower the user could do one of two things, click on the tower and select upgrade, or I could have it where the user changes to an “upgrade” brush and draws over the old towers. With the upgrade brush idea though, I need to decide if the user would just be drawing new towers in place of the old ones, or if they would just be filling in the occasional hole.

If I don’t want the tower placement to be paint-based. Then ever tower would be dragged out manually, and each tower would be clicked on to be upgraded. I am leaning towards the paint-based systems for two reasons. The first is because it half exists already. The second is because my game has a huge amount of screen space to build towers in. More than most tower defense games, including those designed to be played on the PC. Because of this, the towers need to be able to be built quickly, and be able to be adjusted quickly. For that reason, I’ll probably put the paint system in.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten out of the programming mood, well, out of the game programming mood. Because of finals I haven’t touched the game for about a month, and now with the summer here I’ll be working 40 hours a week and programming along-side that will be hard to motivate myself to do. Anyway, that’s the plan and current direction of the game. It will hopefully be finished at some point. I should probably schedule time to keep working on it, because as much as I’ll be coding this summer, I’ll be doing more come this fall.