Hi, I'm Nathan.

I'm a software engineer living and working in Chicago.

I'm currently at Auterion building out the Auterion Suite and am working on a yet-to-be-named time analysis platform.

Previously, I was the CTO at SkinIO and co-founded Uplink Sports with my brother.

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Building a Realtime Widget

Oct 18, 2020

This is the blog post that I’ve been excited to write. I’ve been writing a series about the time tracking platform that I’ve been building over the last two years. In the first post I cover why I’ve been building it, and in the second post you can learn about... more

Is my timer running?

Oct 17, 2020

Manual time tracking by definition is a manual process. It requires a person to explicitly start a timer when a task begins and stop the timer when it ends. For any automatic tracking it’s important to know if a timer is running, but when requiring explicit user interaction the timer’s... more

Time Tracking

Oct 15, 2020

In August 2018 I started building a time tracking app that I’ve been calling Time (creative name, I know). The goal of this project is to build an engine that I can use to answer questions such as: How much am I working? Am I putting enough time into 𝑥... more

HomeKit AC Automation

Aug 29, 2020

A few months ago I moved into a new home with the 27-year old furnace right off the living room. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it has made it really hard to just watch TV because it is just way too loud. My wife and... more

Light and Dark Mode Switching with Spotlight

Jul 19, 2020

One of the surprises I’ve had from the rapid work from home switch is how bright my home office is on a sunny day and how dark it is on a cloudy day. I regularly have to switch my interface mode to be able to see my screen and continue... more