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2017 Work Analysis
Feb 11, 2018 · programming

As part of my normal routine I track all of the time I spend working on software-related projects and the time I spend playing my trumpet. Originally this was started as a way to make sure that the time spent on side-projects did not impact the time I spent on... more

Jun 18, 2017 · programming

Note: This post is being written in early 2018 and backdated. I wanted to propose to my girlfriend (now fiancée) in a way that was fun, unique, and distinctly us. In addition to those broad requirements, I wanted it to be done in a way that was active, extended, and... more

Apple M0110 Rebuild
Dec 3, 2016 · programming

Over the past month I have grown increasingly interested in mechanical keyboards and have spent countless hours reading about custom builds on r/MechanicalKeyboards. I even went as far as to order a keytester, plan the layout I’d like to build, and find a local laser cutting shop. However, the price... more