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Ludum Dare 42: Running out of Space
Aug 11, 2018 · programming

Ludum Dare is a 48-hour game programming competition. I learned about this competition almost 10 years ago, and have been watching since then, but it’s never really worked out for me to participate. Well this time it did! I blocked out the weekend when the date was announced, and was... more

2017 Work Analysis
Feb 11, 2018 · programming

As part of my normal routine I track all of the time I spend working on software-related projects and the time I spend playing my trumpet. Originally this was started as a way to make sure that the time spent on side-projects did not impact the time I spent on... more

Jun 18, 2017 · programming

I wanted to propose to my girlfriend (now wife) in a way that was fun, unique, and distinctly us. In addition to those broad requirements, I wanted it to be done in a way that was active, extended, and still relatively private. I wanted to create something and use that... more

Apple M0110 Rebuild
Dec 3, 2016 · programming

Over the past month I have grown increasingly interested in mechanical keyboards and have spent countless hours reading about custom builds on r/MechanicalKeyboards. I even went as far as to order a keytester, plan the layout I’d like to build, and find a local laser cutting shop. However, the price... more

Uplink Sports
Oct 10, 2016 · programming

After months of development, I am proud to announce the launch of Uplink Sports! Uplink is a new kind of graphic design tool designed to allow anyone to create high quality social graphics. Uplink is the combined effort of my brother’s (Matt Tornquist) creative skills and my own technical skills.... more