My senior design project was robot soccer controlled and broadcast to Twitch. It was pretty much the coolest project ever.

I teamed up with three of my friends to build a soccer arena and robots to compete in it. Our directive was to build something useful that incorporated a microcontroller as well as a plethora of on-chip and off-chip peripherals. We built the most useful thing that we could think of.

This is our gaudy promo/demo video:

We chose to build robots that could play soccer. Our system ended up using far more than just a microcontroller. Each robot had a microcontroller that functioned as the “brains” of the bot. That microcontroller would communicate with a WiFi Module to request commands, and direct the motors to execute those commands. A central webserver on the arena kept track of the scoring and managed the webcam feeds. Finally, a webserver running on a laptop communicated with Twitch to receive and queue commands for the robots, and sent video back to the users. Oh and the robots were powered like bumper cars.

What to learn more? Check out the project website