For a marching band to function well it needs numbers. You need a large number of people interested in auditioning so that you can select people that are able to play their instruments at a high performing level and march at the same time. Additionally, you need a large number of people in the band so that you can actually make interesting shapes on the field.

Purdue does not have a music school, so the recruitment of people that fill that category falls into the hands of the students interested in being part of marching band. As a member of the marching band for four years I was deeply involved in the band and its success. As a sort of graduation gift, I rebuilt a dated recruiting system into a full Rails application. This new tool allows for detailed tracking, scheduling and reporting both before and during each season.

The main goal was to make the recruiting process both easier, and more transparent. During the first season it was used, the trumpet section alone had ~20% more students in camp than the historical average.

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