When building a social media program for athletics, good and consistent graphics are an extremely powerful tool. Whether it is a picture of a play that just occurred, or a summary of pre/post game festivities, the visual aspect matters a lot.

My brother is a professional motion video designer in college athletics. He designs the social media campaigns and final graphics for use during and around games.

While he may be the only individual designing a particular graphic, the entire program is facilitated by multiple people in the design team and on the field. It’s a large team, and a luxury that not every organization will have. High schools, smaller colleges, and even less popular sports at D1 schools may not (and probably) will not have access to resources like that.

That’s where Uplink comes in.

Uplink is designed to bridge that gap. Together we designed and built this product to fill that need.

Uplink is designed to be a fast and easy tool that allows social graphics to be created from a smart phone on the field. Our templates are designed for particular sports and allow for photos and logos to be added to a writeup of the final score or play and shared directly on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Download the app or check out our promo video below: