Arcis Status

I released Arcis a little over a month ago. It went online August 9th, broke 1000 downloads in the first two days, and had hit 2000 by the 18th. Since then it has been slow but steady growth. At the time of writing this Arcis is at 2365 total downloads. I wish that I had been able to publicize it longer, as those initial 2000 downloads all took place while it was an active post on r/Android.

My national stats are as follows:

Country Downloads Percent
Spain 870 36.79%
United States 581 24.57%
Australia 123 5.20%
Mexico 115 4.86%
United Kingdom 72 3.04%
Brazil 72 3.04%
Argentina 64 2.71%
Canada 64 2.71%
Chile 49 2.07%
Others 355 15.01%

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the reception of this game, and its general success. I have plans for future games, but no definite dates because of the time and energy my schoolwork requires.

As a side effect of Arcis gaining popularity Solo Defense has also gained a fair amount of success. From August 26th to 27th over 1000 people from Spain downloaded Solo Defense, and then from September 12th to 15th another 700 people from Germany downloaded it. Most of the Arcis success came through Reddit. I have no idea where the publicity is coming from regarding Solo Defense, but I’m certainly not going to argue.

Right now I’m working on recording video from my phone, and fixing small issues that have come up with Arcis so that I can enter it in the IGF.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!