Solo Defense was the first game that I put on Google Play, and the first game that I make in every new language that I learn. This game normally acts as a quick 1-day project I use to teach myself basic language features. While the game on Google Play is out of date and doesn’t play well on modern Android devices, it still has a respectable userbase and is an important part of my “Android Story.”

The game is simple. Like Atari’s PONG, the goal is to keep the ball in play. In my version however, you control all four sides. The game starts with the top and sides completely filled in, and lets you move the bottom paddle to keep the ball in play. As the game progresses, the walls shrink and you have to manage all four sides to keep the ball in play. Furthermore, you learn that moving one paddle will also move the opposite paddle in the other direction. This game is fun, but gets difficult very quickly.

What to play the game? Grab it on Google Play

Curious how I built it? Look through the code